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Being Raised by an Avid Outdoor Sports Writer, it was only natural for me to start our magazine Everything Horses and Livestock®. In my youth, I talked with my father about writing some small books on living off the land in our area and caring for animals and including my mom’s great recipes in the back. Out of high school, I gave riding lessons, trained horses, boarded, produced a variety of events and sold items from my own retail business, while also working for others. I wrote articles on proper feeding, horse management and livestock management for magazines, websites and newsletters. It was very enjoyable to listen to my father edit them for me.

He said, “It’s good to write how you feel, what you believe, get rid of the extra words!”  My father and I never got around to writing our booklets before he passed away November 1, 2009. I have many fond memories of my father and our time together. He worked at the same publishing company for 62 years. They printed our magazine for several years! My passion is proper care and feeding of all animals and helping others enjoy their ride! Our family loves to team rope, ride, hunt and fish. Flip thru our pages. Enjoy articles, photographs, cartoons, word search, a maze and fun news!

Owners: Jana Harrington-Barcus & Billy Lane Barcus

This magazine is dedicated to God, my dad, mom, sisters, husband, son, family, friends, and everyone out there enjoying the ride!

~ Jana Harrington-Barcus