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Jesus As The Messiah For Believers’ Life Eternal 

“Denying trinity and importance of Jesus coming to earth in person prevents opportunity for eternal life.” 

Highly controversial since Adam and Eve committed the first sin, faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is demanded. 

Likely too simplified and perhaps not even sufficiently conclusive, that’s a lay believer’s interpretation of “The Anointed One.” 

The book by Ramin Pourfarzib details “350 Reasons Jesus Is The Messiah” quoting Old Testament prophecy supported in the New Testament. 

Never shying religious beliefs, a college classmate five decades ago stated: “We all believe in the same God.” 

That’s not completely accurate worldwide yet the friend’s added comment was more disturbing. “We just don’t believe Jesus Christ was ever born.” 

From New York City coming to Emporia, Kansas, for studies at an unrelated church-affiliated college seemed illogical for one of the Jewish faith. 

That’s insignificant, because the college classmate was a true Believer, yet not sufficiently understanding God’s plan for eternity. 

Little thought was given to the friend’s remark which came to mind decades later at a Jewish coworker’s memorial services. Unique story, the addicted New York Times writer renewed life in Kansas, had family, becoming a top farm newspaper salesman. 

Considered “old,” in his late 60s, an inquisitive underling questioned him about the hereafter. “I’ve never thought about it,” the elderly gentleman responded with contentment in his personal faith beliefs. 

It is sad that Jesus’ coming to earth in person is denied by those of the Jewish faith and other religions. The reason Ramin Pourfarzib, Christian author-leader from Chattanooga, Tennessee, dedicated effort writing his most recent book for their eternal salvation. 

Seeming illogical to believers, many people reject Jesus as the Messiah for lack of understanding rationalizing “He will still come.” No matter the reasons for rejecting or accepting Jesus, it is vital to know the facts, according to Pourfarzib. 

His book puts fourth biblical answers to common objections raised by nonbelievers concerning fulfillment of prophecies through Jesus Christ. 

It assesses and provides intelligent, honest, fair, and direct response to these beliefs using Hebrew scriptures and the Christian Bible. A significant amount of scripture is quoted in the book to address the objections.  

About 75 percent of the world’s population practices one of five religions. That includes 2.2 billion Christianity, about one-third of the populace. But only 13 million Judaism. 

The Old Testament’s prophecies are fulfilled in the New Testament through Jesus Christ and no other person. Testimonies of Jewish rabbis and Jewish individuals who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah climax the author’s reasoning. 

Author of other books and several dozen academic papers, Pourfarzib serves as a deacon in his local church. “My hope is that the reader will find the truth, accept salvation, and experience the transformation in their lives. I have experienced a change in my life by surrendering all to God,” he verified. 

Reverend Billy Graham is quoted several times throughout the writing supporting Pourfarzib efforts. 

“God proved His Love on the cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, I love you.” 

“Christ did not suffer and die to offer cheap grace. Jesus did not go willingly to the cross so we could have an easy life. As someone once said, Salvation is free, but not cheap. It cost Jesus his life.” 

Available on the internet in various formats including hardcopy, The Anointed One can also be acquired through Lavidge Publicity L A V I D G E in Phoenix. Arizona. Direct contact can be made to Taylor Moralez [email protected] 

Frank J. Buchman 

Alta Vista, Kansas