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Setbacks, hardship, disillusionment, indecisiveness are part of every life overcome by strong in faith.

Rod Knoerr relates prayerfully surviving even exhilarating his busy life’s humbling interruptions in the book “Don’t Waste This Storm.”

Subtitled “Hope-Filled Thriving, Not Just Barely Surviving, In The Storms Of Life,” Knoerr shares God answering family prayer life.

Unrelenting believing God’s powerful plan for all, Knoerr straightforwardly reveals romance, marriage, family disgruntlement, ill health with his wife Beth.

Forever in love from first seeing Beth’s broad smile and sparkling green eyes, Knoerr became a dentist, Beth a hygienist.

Love for God, each other, and family never waivered as “storms” small and extreme threatened and challenged Rod and Beth.

From meager dental practice, humblest home, the couple’s dedicated faith brought success and opportunities only God could have planned.

Always wanting a large family, despite losing a child at birth, the couple had five children and eventually 13 grandchildren.

The “call” to serve God as a pastor took the family into different communities serving and following His directions.

Pastoring different congregations with Beth’s support at home and beside him, Knoerr frequently returned to dentistry to meet financial obligations. Several Romania missionary trips individually and with family tightened faith and belief in service to God.

Not without certain issues with their children, there was a closeknit family stricken hardest when Beth was diagnosed with cancer.

Finding consolation with music, the couple found words in the Christian rock band Casting Crowns’ songs as prayers’ answers.

Medical treatments, husband and family support, unrelenting faith, Beth remained most courageous until opening her eyes in Heaven.

Sadness intertwined joy in the celebration of life with vast family and friends’ attendance as Beth watched from above.

“During my wife’s health care storm, we discovered many secrets on how to shift our perspective from victim to victor,” Knoerr said, “Amid our storm we discovered our value as we found ourselves encouraging and bringing positivity to those around us.

“I encourage readers to see their storms not as a time to quit,” Knoerr said. “But as a time to discover their purpose and find themselves comforted by God’s support.”

Twenty chapters in the easy-reading, thought-provoking writing are each concluded with “Refuge Reflection” for spiritual interpretation.

In various printed and audible forms, “Don’t Waste This Storm,” is readily available on the internet. Additional information can also be received by contacting book promoter Taylor Moralez at Lavidge L A V I D G E in Phoenix, Tmoralez@lavidge.com, 480-306-6597.

Frank J. Buchman Alta Vista, Kansas

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