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Julie Frank is the owner of Rise and Shine Equine LLC.
Her life’s mission is to provide services, education, and
products to aide in: Restoring animals to and
maintaining Abundant health. She resides in Kansas
with her husband and offers both mobile and boarded

Did your horse stumble coming up out of the pasture this morning? Is this something that has been
happening recently? Are you noticing their heads shaking for no apparent reason? Does is seem like their
toes are dragging? All these symptoms could be signs of Sore.
Sore? What is it? Where did it come from? When did the Sore get here? How do I take care of my Sore

Horses get “sore” in many ways including but not limited to use, diet, and equipment. The good news is
that I can help them with all these “Sore” problems. Making your time together more comfortable and
pleasurable for horse and rider. The tools I use also help them perform at peak levels.


One of the many tools I use is a PEMF Response System, The PEMF (Pulsing Electromagnetic Field
Therapy) blanket pieces that I use send a small electrical current thorough coil of wire into their muscles.
This application helps increase circulation, decreases inflammation and pain which ACCELERATES
HEALING. The PEMF helps with relaxing the soreness through the body. It brings increased blood flow
and oxygen to the muscles. Relieving stiffness and helping them lengthen out
their stride.

PEMF along with Eagle ProSix can help horses with EPM with their sore
muscles and balance. We have had remarkable success with this

So, if you see short stride, head shaking or flipping or lots of inflammation in
their bodies. 

Give Rise and Shine Equine a call 913-915-2399 I WILL COME TO YOU to get your horse back to being
their VERY BEST!

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Rise and Shine my Equine Friends
Julie Frank Eagle PROSIX
Certified Sports Massage Therapy
in Horses, Dogs and Livestock
Facebook  #Rise and Shine LLC.
Phone Number # 913-915-2399
Email: [email protected]