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Get out to the Kansas State Fair for some FUN horse shows & competitions! 

Here’s the schedule: 

Friday Sept. 9th

8:00am KS Working Equitation  

12:00pm Draft Horse Competitions

Saturday Sept. 10th

8:00am   KS Working Equitation

10:00am Draft Horse Competitions

4:00pm Draft Horse -Team Pull

6:30pm Draft -6 Horse Hitches

Sunday Sept. 11th

10:00am Draft Horse Competitions

1:00pm KS Quarter Horse Ranch Versatility 

Monday Sept. 12th 

9:00am KS Quarter Horse Ranch Versatility 

4:00pm KS Mounted Shooting Competition

Tuesday Sept. 13th 

9:00am Miniature Horse Show

Wednesday Sept. 14th 

10:00am American Freedom Drill Team Riders Demo

Thursday Sept. 15th

2:00pm 4H State Horse Show

Friday Sept. 16th

8:00am 4H State Horse Show

Saturday Sept. 17th

8:00am 4H State Horse Show

3:00pm KS Wild Horse (Mustang) Youth Challenge

Sunday Sept. 18th

8:00am KS Wild Horse (Mustang) Youth Challenge