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A Recipe for Success

Julie Frank is the owner of Rise and Shine Equine LLC.  Her life’s mission is to provide services, education, and products to aide in restoring animals to and maintaining abundant health.
She resides in Kansas with her husband and offers both mobile and boarded services. 

We all have goal and dreams of what we want to do with our horses.  Do I want to do competitive trail riding, barrel racing, roping, jumping, dressage or be a weekend trail rider?  Wow, there are so many disciplines.  Once you settle in, determine your goal the next step is building stamina in your horse needed for that discipline.

The following story of Carol and Ms. Lusi is a great example of this Recipe for success.

Lusi – Registered Arabian from Montana

Lusi is a registered Arabian from Montana.  She had good base and conditioning from riding in the mountains.  Carol bought her to compete in endurance riding, keeping her own competitive spirit alive.

The first eight months together she focused on finding their rhythm and learning about each other’s likes and dislikes.

I meet Carol and Lusi in May 2021, when she contacted Rise and Shine Equine Therapy and hired me to work on Lusi.  I began with Sure Foot Pads but found that was too much stimulation for Lusi.  She preferred a hands-on approach.  We set up monthly visits.  Each time I gave Carol something to do before and after her competitions and to get her through vet checks.

Carol worked our plan yet in October 2021, Carol was having issues with Lusi crow-hoping during the first 5 to 10 miles of riding before she would get settled in.  This continued through her first 50-mile endurance competition.  Determined to overcome this issue, we got to work. Do we have a saddle fit and placement problem?  Was it her trims and shoes? Too much starch in her grain?  What was Lusi trying to tell us?  We were searching and listening. I brought Lusi an Eagle ProSix to see what she’d say about it.  Carol ended up purchasing one and began working with her using it. We began by taking pictures. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and, in this case, it was true!  From the pictures you could see where she was hitting the hardest. All her muscles were up front, she didn’t have much in the back end.   Remember the saddle?  She was hollowing behind the withers. What does this do the saddle fitting you wonder?  It pinches the shoulders and then they start shutting down because there is no top-line or muscle to hold the saddle in place.  Our recipe was coming together! October the real homework started towards the 2022 goal of riding 50s all year. The goal, placing well in the year-end results for the region.

Each month I would give Carol some different exercises to work on between monthly massage visits. Pictures helped track their progress.  Some of the exercises I had Carol start off with included backing Luci up on hills or just up and down the driveway.  Even if it was just 5 steps, they had to be straight back.  If Lusi went to the left or to the right, they had to start over again until they were straight.  Some days 2 steps were all she could handle, even so it was a great start.  The next step was ground poles and I showed them different ways to use them.  The purpose of doing these different exercises was to get Lusi to use her whole body not just her front end.  Her motor is in the back end, and we need to get her muscles fire’n up for the 50 miles of going up, down and across trails.

We started out with small steps and amounts and built up to longer larger times.  The recipe was a success!  Goals set and met! Sticking in and with the plan with great determination gained great reward for this wonderful pair.

Pictures tell the story – Just look at those smiles! I love being part of their team!

I am sure you have questions like, how long do I do all of this?  Do I have 5 minutes, or 3 times a week? Every Day is a new day. You and your horse can be successful if you make a game plan, and work towards your goal.  Share those goals with family and friends invite them on your journey. No matter the season spending time together will improve your connection and success.

I would love to help you develop your recipe for success!  Contact me at the link below and let’s chat about your goals for the 2022-2023 year. I’d love being part of your team as well.

                     Julie Frank
[email protected]