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“Ranch animals want their fair share of attention.” 

Uncertain whether its Fluffy the big yellow cat or ZaneEtta the yearling gray filly who are most demanding for affection. 

Likely Fluffy is the loneliest as she’s the only cat on the place most of the time. Occasionally a strangly stray gray tomcat Lioness shows up and wants to fight with her more than romance. Still Fluffy isn’t so demanding of human attention when that ornery visitor comes around. 

Fluffy has a unique story of her own coming to the ranch six years ago with a mate Garfield. They lived in the hay mow for a very long time afraid of humans but eventually came to the food pan. 

The pair did become more accustomed to ranch life and moved into the barnyard. Staying in the hay shed mostly, it took several months before they would accept human touch.  

Garfield never became overly friendly, but Fluffy was completely heartbroken when her mate was run over by a ranch pickup.  

Extensive human attention is now demanded by Fluffy who beds down in various ranch locations. Whenever the house door opens, she bounds to it and wraps herself around whoever’s legs they are. It’s impossible to walk without stepping on her. While relaxing on the step or swinging, Fluffy is nuzzling in the lap wanting petted. 

Now, ZaneEtta the intensely ranch-bred filly was a bit ornery at first. She learned to lead, tie, and have her feet picked up quite readily.  

Yet, ZaneEtta had a sour attitude for a while rolling her eyes and laying her ears back. She only tried to nip once and just lifted her hind leg up to kick another time. 

Kept in her own stall at night, ZaneEtta is anxious for her can of feed every morning. In a few minutes, she’s ready to go out in the arena to spend the day with Maggie. They have become friends although the old buckskin mare is dominating. 

ZaneEtta meets at the gate and puts her head into the halter. A regular leading trip around the barnyard is now anticipated after being belligerent for several weeks. 

However, when catching Maggie for a ride, ZaneEtta becomes extremely jealous seeking attention making it impossible to lead her mate. 

Reminded of Genesis 26:14: “The animals were jealous of him.”