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The green hues of spring are flooding every nook and cranny within my view as I sit and gaze out into the yard.  The browns and greys of winter long gone.  Barren stick trees now tout a new flair of almost neon green and lacey flowers of many colors. I start contemplating that it seems just a few short hours ago Jack Frost was nipping at the daffodils and crocus.  How can it be that  those chilly nights and days have broken into humid nights and warm days?  I blinked and here we are.  Spring has Sprung and brought with it a huge bounty. A bounty of sight and sound as flowers burst forth in their frilly gowns.  Frantic chirping from bushes and gales fill the air.  Berries are now ripening on the vine, following the mysterious yet delightful Kansas Morel Mushroom season.  The smell of cut grass fills my mind with memories. Memories of seasons long past.  The children’s huge eyes of wonder and delight at finding open bird eggs and then seeing the fledglings in the nest.  Mud pies and puddle jumping.  Picking  and eating strawberries so sweet that their chins were covered in red juice.  Running barefoot through the fresh lush spring grass.  The shouts of flutterby’s at the sight of Yellow swallowtails, and the wonder at the hum of hummingbirds wings in flight. What a sweet reminder that, “to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose unto heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  Historically, timelessly, continuously, seasons come, and seasons go. One thing we can’t grab onto is time.  As I walk this path down memory lane I am amazed at the fullness, love and adventure it has held.  The tears and joys, victories and defeats.  Yet in all of it a wonder and comfort.  A flavor to savor, a cup of joy to share in seasons yet to come. My eyes are drawn to the cabinet where jars of fresh homemade strawberry jam are shining at me.  I enjoyed the sun on my face and memories of yesterday as I picked a plethora of brilliant juicy berries.  My mind soared to grandma’s kitchen with me scooping the foam from her jam and then getting to eat it on hot buttered toast-as I prepared the jam.  Love brought the hugest smile.  Some seasons have tastes so sweet that they last unchanged by time. In this season of fresh growth and new life.  This season of sweet harvests, I pray you and yours are refreshed.  That your cup of Joy overflows with indelible memories.  That you can taste the sunshine through a batch of fresh Jam and warmly step into the season.  Savor the moments as before long there will be a new song, a new season.  Spring forth – seize the day!  The season to flourish is here!