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Julie Frank is the owner of Rise and Shine Equine LLC.  Her life’s mission is to provide services, education and products to aide in: Restoring animals to and maintaining Abundant health. She resides in Kansas with her husband and offers both mobile and boarded services.

Mr. Hank started his journey of being restored to new life on Feb 13, 2022, at Rise and Shine LLC’s facility. He came to me with no name, just a number.  His condition fully represented that.  Standing before me was this starving Belgian draft horse that had been worked till, he was broken. Not only was he thin, but his left leg was dragging down and out.  He was found on a kill pen site by a client of mine. They told her he had EPM.   She asked if I could help save him.  I said, “sure I can! Let’s do this”.

She made arrangements with a friend at “1 Horse At a Time Draft Horse Rescue”.  This friend rescues and reuses drafts from the pipeline of going slaughter. Her yes meant life for this horse. With his new owner He was no longer a number!  He became Mr. Hank… from the song ” Country boys can Survive” by Hank Williams JR. 

Mr Hank’s road to restoration quickly followed. At his vet visit we found out what we were up against.  Very low grade of EPM and Stifle injury with chiropractic needs shown on Xray. I noticed at this time that the Kansas winds were blowing him around in circles.   In his condition, he had no stability in his hind end.  It was time for Rise and Shine Therapy to begin. I remined myself, Rome was NOT built in a day, and began my work.

With all this information in my tool kit, I started his treatment. I began with massage, this opened up his body to start working from the inside out. His muscles releasing restored the flow of blood, oxygen and fluids through his body. He could breathe, and his eyes brightened.  Massage time, Total Feed, Eagle ProSix, Ferrier visits, to trim his wing tip feet. PEMF Response System, massage gun treatments, Sure Foot Pads, and walking up and down little hills became our routine. He happily complied.

After about 2 weeks He found the red door that held HIS FOOD, my heart soared!  He started rolling on both sides, found out that he has a tail, and began playing, bucking, kicking, farting and just being a horse. He also gained his voice. Mr. Hank was “In the House!”

After 80 days at Rise and Shine Equine Therapy, we reset his body. Hank can not only handle the Kansas winds but has moved into his new job at his forever home. He is taking care of another Belgian rescue horse who is blind. He’s doing an awesome job.

The Story of Mr. Hank will continue as I will see him monthly for maintained therapy. I look forward to visiting Him and his friends too- 4 other rescues and 1 senior 25-year-old.

Faith, I want to extend a special Thank You to you, as well as heartfelt thanks to 1 Horse At a Time Draft Horse Rescue, Eagle ProSix, PEMF Response System, Sure Foot, and Total Feed.

To find out more about Sport Massage Therapy for your horses, dogs, or show cattle, contact Julie Frank, Certified in Horses, Dogs and Livestock;