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Addiction & Emotion

Did you know that working with horses lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression?

So many people self-medicate due to an unpleasant experience whether past or present. Something is causing anxiety, negative feelings and thoughts, depression.

A lot of us have had some sort of trauma. The level of trauma is different for everyone because we all handle our experiences and emotions differently.  Some have been diagnosed with a mental health issue.  If we don’t realize we need help this could start self-medicating or we do realize it then we try to bury it in some way, in many cases the wicked circle of addictions begins because some of us don’t know how to cope with our feelings.  To get rid of these desperate and destructive feelings, they may use drugs, alcohol or other things, in an attempt to numb sadness, anger, fear or some cases we seen joy, some people don’t believe they deserve to feel joy.

For healing to begin, one of the first steps is learning to identify, experience and cope with our emotions.  Here at Living Life Ranch we use Equine Assisted Learning as a powerful way to get in touch with thoughts and feelings. During a session, you use your body and heart to feel and react in the moment with the horse.

When struggling with addiction, in our minds we are believing something false this often leads to denial, blaming others or intellectualizing your way around the problem. So in our program we offer the horse as a tool to work with your heart and feelings.

Horses have a unique ability to sense emotions you can’t lie to a horse they only speak truth.  Horses react accordingly. If you are angry or aggressive, the horse may become obstinate they will want to get away from this pressure they are feeling from you. If you are anxious, the horse can get skittish and jumpy maybe step to the side to keep away from you. But when approached by someone who is open and calm, the horse is more likely to respond in the exact same manner. We have some horses that will stay calm at all times but they will still show you truth.  We talk about attunement in our program.  What is attunement?

Attunement is the reactiveness we have to another person. It is the process by which we form relationships. (Unison or Harmony) An example:  When someone tells you “I’m fine” but you know they are not really fine at all.  You begin digging deeper. You’re being in the presence of the person and you are completely focused on what they are telling you. You are listening and can feel their emotion whatever it may be.  You are showing you care about them.  You have complete trust in each other.  

Horses will do the exact same thing, they attune to us. When people are witnessing the horse’s responses this promotes self-awareness and can help people see themselves in a more realistic way. 

To name just a few other emotions we address. The Living Life Ranch Program works with Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Setting Boundaries, Overcoming Fears, & Trust. 

We offer a hands on way to experience change.  Using horse’s challenges people to look at themselves and the world in a new way. People who have struggled to make progress or achieve their treatment goals have made significant breakthroughs with our horses.

Do you know someone hurting? Contact us at Living Life Ranch book a session we will provide you with a safe place of peace.

Melissa Cowan