Leadership and Connection
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Most people don’t realize what we human’s can learn from our precious animals. I’m sure that some of you are wondering, how do horses help a non horse person with leadership skills? 

Did you know horses seek out leaders naturally, in the wild their leader is who they trust to keep them safe in the herd. Just like humans they want a leader they can respect who treats them with patience, kindness and respect. 

How we humans deal with horses is how we deal with people. Evaluate yourself right now. Ask yourself how are you with relationships, partnership, trust and communications with others?

The minute you pick up the halter walk up to the horse you become a leader. The long rope on the end of that halter is called a “lead rope” for a reason.  When you pick up a lead rope are you leading or are you being led? Are you using force, are you pushing, pulling or being dragged? Are you inviting and asking them to join you?

We can teach you to become a leader without words. We can help your team sharpen their team work skills without words. Utilizing horses for these sessions doesn’t require talking because horses don’t speak words. We have exercises that focus on communication skills without using your voice.

Its important to learn to listen to the horse by listening to the horse, you will become a better, stronger leader and your connection will build a strong trust between the two of you. As a leader listening is a key to building a trusting relationship with your team.

Your body language is how you communicate, your presents must be in the now. Horses don’t live in the past they live in the now. An effective leader lives in the present.

When your heart, mind and soul are aligned correctly our communication becomes clear, inspirational and effective. Once you are aligned you become connected as with people horses will trust you, respect you and follow you.

We work on leadership for those that are in leadership positions, for those that have a career goal to become a leader. When working with children and horses the leadership training is step one. When you arrive at Living Life Ranch for any reason, when working with horses you will surprise yourself on your own leadership skills, you gain trust, a connection, confidence and experience peace.

                                                      Leadership Step One                                                            


Melissa Cowan