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“It’s way below freezing outside and this house is getting colder all of the time.” 

First major storm in nearly a year had come and of course problems would arise. Fortunately, this ranch didn’t have as many difficulties as a number of others around the Midwest. 

Most importantly all of the outside hydrants worked, so the thirsty livestock had water. It didn’t take long until they learned to immediately drink warm H2O in the tank or there’d only be a big chunk of ice to lick. 

Lights blinked a couple of times and the computer had to restart, but power returned soon. Others just down the road sadly had electricity outage for extended time.  

Knowing that dilemma, heart went out to all without lights, no water and heat in short supply. Those with wood burning stoves were touting how cozy they were. 

Wood heat certainly has benefits and works well for many, yet personal experiences haven’t been that positive. Not the work chopping wood that’s the worst, although it requires time and strong backs. Issue here was a new system that never did work well, dirty, hazardous and finally done away with.  

Those with the wood burning furnace outside and well circulated heat into the home claim its efficiency and comfort. Yet several homes have burned down in the past week with wood stoves of sort said to be the cause. 

Yes, kitchen sink pipes on the north side of the home did freeze for a time but thawed before breaking. 

There was fire burning in the propane fueled furnace and electricity was on, but the house remained cold. Some mechanism that circulates the heat was out of kilter causing cold hands, noses and overall chill. 

In this day and age it might seem impossible to find somebody to help with problems on New Year’s Day. However, one ring to the right number was answered and the repairman arrived before very long. 

Wrapped in heavy clothes with muddy boots, he most congenially tromped down stairs to the basement furnace. More than a handful trips back up to the hallway checking the thermostat, he admitted, “It’s an educated guess.”  

Thankfully, the heating specialist knew what he was doing. Good service is definitely appreciated. 

Reminded of Isaiah 59:16: “He stepped in to help with his vast abilities.”