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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Recipe Serves 6


4 Chicken Boneless Skinless Thighs
1 qt. Chicken Broth
29 oz. (2 cans) Tomatoes petite diced
14 1⁄2 oz can Black Beans rinsed and drained
1 c. Shoe Peg Corn (frozen not canned)
1 medium Red Onion diced
4 cloves Garlic minced
2 Fresh Jalapeño diced fine (more or less to taste)
1 T. Ground Cumin
1T. Chili Powder
1⁄2 c. Fresh Cilantro chopped
6 Corn Tortillas cut in strips and fried in oil


Boil chicken in broth. Shred chicken. Place broth, chicken, and all other ingredients, except tortillas and oil, in crock pot. Cook 4 hours on low and turn to warm until ready to serve. Cut tortillas into 1⁄4” strips and fry in oil to crisp. Drain and cool on paper towels. When serving place a few tortilla strips on top of soup in bowl. For extra flavor and a fancier presentation, a dollop of Sour Cream and a sprinkle of shredded pepper jack cheese can also be added as topping.