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Collard Greens

Recipe Serves 6

This is a yummy updated version of collard greens. Rather than being boiled soft like spinach it still has a little texture. Similar to wilted dock in flavor this is a great way to serve the dark leafy greens that are important to our diet to get the vitamins and  fiber our body needs and ….Who doesn’t like bacon?


1 lb. Trimmed Collard Greens
5 slices Bacon cut into small pieces
1⁄2 c. Bacon fat (you can add oil if necessary)
1 Small red onion diced
1 c. Water
3/4 c. Sugar
1⁄2 c. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar


Wash and cut stems out of Greens. Stack leaves. Cut into strips the width of egg noodles. Fry bacon pieces to render fat in large skillet with lid. You need 1⁄2 c. of fat. Add onion and cook and until onion is tender. Add water sugar and vinegar to pan. When it comes to boil, stir in greens. Put lid on skillet simmer until greens are tender. We like them to have a little texture. I cook about 20 to 30 min. on medium heat. Cook until you like the texture. Collards fixed like this taste similar to wilted DOC. It doesn’t wilt as fast. Your have to actually simmer it for a while.